The Pixel Project is a community initiative that creates opportunities for Calgary designers to connect, learn, and grow.


You’re fresh out of design school (or just made a career pivot), and you’re ready to paint the world with design. The next steps can be overwhelming. Do you want to freelance, work in an agency, or join a startup? Are you going to pursue graphic design, web design, or product UX or UI? And why does it feel like every job posting requires 5+ years of experience??

It’s a lot. And it can feel like you’re in it alone.

The Pixel Project was created to equip talented designers (like you) with the skills, experience, support, and mindset you need to explore your full potential.


June 29, 2023


Tiller is hosting a VCAD Student Open House! An opportunity for design insights, portfolio reviews, and networking.


Founded in 2008, Tiller is a Calgary-based web and brand agency that helps tech and software brands get their solutions to the people who need them most. Tiller is an active member of Calgary’s tech ecosystem and is passionate about raising the bar for design in Calgary and beyond. Tiller founded The Pixel Project in 2022.

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